12 grapes and 12 reasons to install a ceiling fan

24 de Diciembre del 2020

We are at the end of the year and it is time to recount the good things that have happened to us and thank us for entering 2021 full of good energy. In Spain we celebrate New Year's Eve with 12 grapes, just like the 12 real reasons why a modern ceiling fan brings comfort to your home. Here we go!


Are sustainable

Modern ceiling fans have minimal energy consumption compared to other electrical appliances. The fans are a commitment to sustainability.


They are useful throughout the year

 Do not think that you will only use them in summer when the heat at home is unbearable, ceiling fans are necessary all year round. They cool you in summer and help circulate the hot air from your heater in winter.


They bring a different touch to your decoration

Our designer ceiling fans are a safe bet to decorate your home. We have several types of models suitable for all types of homes and spaces. Find your new style!


Ball Model


Forget about the "sick building syndrome" 

Thousands of people complain every year of pharyngitis or headaches from the air conditioning, it can be due to the temperature of the thermostat or the quality of the air that the refrigeration expels.

Air conditioning systems collect air from outside and expel it through filters. If the air that passes through the filters has germs it can affect the respiratory tract. The modern ceiling fan, on the other hand, does not collect the air from outside and therefore does not accumulate germs.


They have a long service life

A ceiling fan usually has a very long life if we take good care of it and provide it with the necessary maintenance.


Maintenance is easy

The maintenance of a fan is minimal, because you will only have to clean the dust from time to time but do not forget to take care of your ceiling fan, since it not only guarantees the good operation, but also for safety reasons.

Illuminate and give comfort

Most of our Modern fans have the option of led light, a perfect option for your reading nights.


Lower energy expenditure 

The cost of using a decorative ceiling fan is 90% less than the cost of using the air conditioner. If you want to save on your electricity bill and help the environment, go ahead and try, for example, the Altus model that stands out for its modern design.


 Your sweat glands decrease

We have around 2.3 million eccrine glands, one of the sweat glands, in the skin. Although the number of eccrine glands is determined by the environment where we grow.

If your little ones grow up in an environment where there is good air conditioning and there is little need for regulation of body temperature, the glands are not used and decrease in the body.


They prevent SIDS

Decorative ceiling fans in addition to decorating your baby's room with a charming homely touch help protect babies from the heat while they sleep, reducing the risk of sudden death.


Altus Flush model


They adapt to all types of spaces

We create our fans thinking of all the rooms of your home from the kitchen to the office and if you need a ceiling fan for your office we also have more powerful fans.


A complement to air conditioning

 If you already have air conditioning at home and you get a lot of cold or have a drier throat, installing designer fans may be your best option. The ceiling fan will help distribute the air in the room and it will not be as cold and direct air as the air conditioner blows out.


Start 2021 with a touch of elegance and comfort in your home, At Modern Fan we have multiple models of design fans to decorate your home. Check our catalog here