Ceiling fans in baby's rooms

18 de Mayo del 2020


If you have a baby, you want to protect him from the heat and enjoy a cold room, the best option is to install a modern ceiling fan . Installing an air conditioner for the children's room is not the most appropriate, since it dries out the environment and changes the temperature in a forced way, while the ceiling fan favors air circulation and cools without any danger since it is produced by natural evaporation from the skin. 

According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine , babies are 72% less likely to die from sudden death syndrome if they sleep with a ceiling fan. The fan helps the air circulate in the room while preventing the build-up of carbon dioxide. 

Can babies sleep under a ceiling fan ? Absolutely. Children are not in any danger under a ceiling fan. With the right room temperature and the breeze provided by its blades, children can enjoy the freshness and avoid the heat of summer nights, but without changing their body temperature.


What are the benefits of installing a ceiling fan in a children's room?

- The fan provides pink noise , which helps babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Pink noise, such as the sound of rain or the sound that a ceiling fan produces as its blades cut through the air, helps to calm children and gives them a deeper sleep.

- The fan circulates the air throughout the room, which prevents the sensation of heat while you sleep.

- It can help to stimulate continuous breathing if the baby rolls over for any reason.


 Tips for installing a design ceiling fan:

● Place a ceiling fan that offers the option of changing the turning movement of the blades, winter or summer position, in order to control, depending on the season, how the child receives the air when he is sleeping.

● Keep the fan at a low / medium speed so that the noise is not very intense, but constant, this way you will get the pink noise that will help you fall asleep better.

● Avoid hanging streamers or other items on ceiling fans, as it could be dangerous.

● Clean dust and dirt regularly from the blades to prevent further dust movement.


Did you know that babies get distracted by looking at a ceiling fan?

Babies' imaginations are incredible and we all know that they love things that move and make noise, like crib mobiles. Newborns do not yet have a well-developed sense of vision, so they are primarily drawn to things with light, movement, and contrast, including ceiling fans.

Babies naturally crave sensory experiences to help stimulate their rapidly developing brains and a moving object or object of higher contrast will cause more intense stimulation. 


So now you know, if you are thinking of refreshing your home from Modern Fan we recommend a designer ceiling fan for your home. Your children will love the feeling of freshness without changing the room temperature, which is a cause of colds.