The Ceiling Fan at the Change of Seasons

27 de Noviembre del 2023

With the arrival of fall, it's time to say goodbye to summer nights and days at the beach. However, don't underestimate the role of the ceiling fan during this season. Did you know that the best ceiling fans feature a winter mode? This clever setting rotates the blades in the opposite direction, efficiently distributing the warm air accumulated on the ceiling throughout the room.

Winter Mode: An Energy Saver

Proper use of your ceiling fan in the fall can translate into significant savings on your electric or gas bill. By activating winter mode, warm air is dispersed efficiently, warming the room more quickly and allowing you to turn off the heating system sooner. Remember, a ceiling fan does not generate hot or cold air, it simply optimizes circulation for quick thermal comfort.

In addition, this function makes it possible to move air without creating a breeze, which is ideal for rooms where a draft could be annoying, such as a child's room.

This is why we can combine the functions of the ceiling fan with other devices that emit heat to help distribute it efficiently in a room. The use of air conditioning systems , fireplaces or stoves combined with the use of a ceiling fan will help to achieve a more homogeneous and effective temperature level.


Post-Summer Maintenance

Before switching your fan to winter mode, it is necessary to perform a proper cleaning to ensure optimal performance. Here are some tips:


- Make sure the fan is switched off for any maintenance.

- Clean the blades and body with a damp cloth without abrasives.

- For more efficient cleaning, use a pillowcase to cover each blade and clean them properly.

- If your fan will not be used until next season and is installed outdoors, cover it to prevent dust accumulation and disconnect it from the mains to prevent possible damage.