Buying a ceiling fan

25 de Enero del 2021

Now more than ever you have to feel good at home, before we did not value the comfort of our home so much but now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, we spend more hours at home.
In summer, spring or even winter, a ceiling fan provides comfort and well-being, that feeling of coming home tired and turning on your Modern Fan is magical.

Buying a ceiling fan is not just a matter of choosing the design that you like best; in fact, that part comes later. For ceiling fans to be effective, it is essential that you first select a fan that matches the characteristics of your space as this will influence the performance of the fan and your happiness as a consumer.


Tips for choosing a ceiling fan:


What will be its use?

Is it a fan for a large room where it is very hot? Is it a complement to air conditioning?
Depending on the desired function, you should think about the type of fan you need, flush or suspended, the diameter of the fan, the speed setting and the types of accessories you will need, such as longer posts for installation in high ceilings.


In which room do you want to install it?

The room will also affect the overall diameter of the fan, as well as whether the ceilings are very high, so you may need a ceiling fan that offers enough configuration options to circulate the air correctly in all these circumstances.


Does the fan need to be outdoors?

If you want it for the terrace or for the porch, you must take into account that the model is suitable for outdoors.


Do you want the fan to match the furniture?

All our models are very adaptable to any type of decoration, we present ceiling fans with various finishes and accessories that will minimize it with your decoration.


We present you a unique and different ceiling fan option, the Torsion fan


The Torsion design ceiling fan offers a configuration adapted to your needs. You can choose the finish of the body, its diameter or the finishes of the blades.
The unique style of Torsion highlights the decoration of all rooms while providing a fantastic well-being.
Do you have doubts about where you are going to place your fan? Torsion can be installed inside and outside your house.


The colors of the blades:



Aspa ventilador color Niquel

Aspa ventilador color Negro

Aspa ventilador color Caoba

Aspa ventilador color Blanco

Aspa ventilador color Arce


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Light to illuminate your room?

The Torsion fan has the option with Led 10W-3000K, a lighting for your living room.

No light

Luz ventilador -d Sin luz

Led 10W-3000K

Luz ventilador -d Led 10W-3000K

What type of controler do we recommend?

With the Torsion fan you have several control options: 3-speed remote control or 4-speed wall control with or without light switch.
The remote control is perfect for your quiet nights from the sofa, just with a button Torsion will take you to relaxation. The wall control is for customers who prefer a fixed control on the wall where to turn it on as soon as they enter the room.

No control

Mando ventilador - Sin control <br>

Remote control 3 speed - Luz On/Off

Mando ventilador - Mando a distancia<br> 3 velocidades - Luz On/Off

Wall control 4 speed - Light On/Off

Mando ventilador - Control de pared <br> 4 velocidades - Luz On/Off

Wall control 4 speed

Mando ventilador - Control de pared <br> 4 velocidades




OBSERVATIONS: With the light kit the height increases 6.5 cm


At Modern Fan Europe we have different models of ceiling fan that adapt to any space and decoration. Check our catalog here.