Tips for good summer sleeping

16 de Julio del 2020

Summer has arrived, the most waited months of the year where the sun and free time is the usual. It is wonderful and in general, we are more willing to make a thousand plans: the beach, the swimming pool, practicing sports ... we do not stop and although summer is very fun, the heat also makes its appearance and sometimes it is more difficult for us to sleep. Today we bring you several tips to help you sleep well in summer. You will sleep like a baby!


Don't go overboard with the nap

We love naps and in summer we have more time to enjoy it, but don't get too excited. Napping is healthy as long as it does not exceed 20 minutes. If you spend more time with it, at night you may have a hard time sleeping.


Avoid drinking too much at night

We have to drink about two liters of water a day, but before going to bed try not to drink excessively. That way you won't wake up in the middle of the night and fall asleep straight away!


Room temperature

There are times, when it is unbearably hot, that we wish it were January so we can sleep well. The ideal temperature to rest is between 22 and 24 degrees, the ideal is to install a ceiling fan .

The ceiling fans provide a sense of comfort and coolness without becoming dehydrated. You will be able to feel a light breeze while you sleep and you will rest much better


Turn off electronic devices

Disconnecting electronic devices such as tablets or mobile phones at night improves sleep, since these devices produce noises and lights that can interrupt sleep.


Dinner early and light

In summer it is difficult to dine early because the days are longer and we enjoy the activities more, but if you can try to dine early and light. The ideal is to have dinner 2 hours before going to bed to make digestion well and that it does not interrupt sleep. 


Create your sleep routine

If you usually go to bed at 11, try to keep your sleep schedule. During the holidays it can be difficult, but if you have trouble sleeping, create a routine for the summer, it will help a lot.


Bye bye mosquitoes

In summer some friends appear who interrupt our sleep, if you have mosquitoes at home try to put a  ceiling fan , you can reinforce it with mosquito repellants, so that they do not affect your sleep.


Take a bath before bed

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in summer if you have a pool at home or in the hotel, do not hesitate to take a bath before going to sleep. It will help you relax, you will feel full of endorphins and ready to sleep.

Sports practice 

Sport helps us lose weight, puts us in a good mood and also helps us sleep better. It is best to practice sports in the morning, but if it is difficult for you to get up early to run, we suggest you go out for a walk or practice yoga, yes, always leaving 2-3 hours before going to bed.


Position your head on the pillow 

A good head position on the pillow is to try to follow the position of your spine and airway. A bad position will make you wake up sore and tired.



Image by Dr. Askthedentist


Follow these tips and advice and you will notice the result for yourself. Happy Dreams!