How to improve ventilation at school

31 de Agosto del 2020

We are on the verge of going back to school but the number of infections due to Covid-19 does not stop increasing, facing this event, many parents and teachers in educational centers are concerned if schools are prepared to be a safe place. Are the educators taking enough measures to prevent contagion? What steps can be taken to ensure the safety of children?


Ventilation is essential at school 

A small class with more than 25 students and the teacher can be a breeding ground for the virus. Before schools have to close again and children suffer the consequences, we can all do something. If we encourage our children to respect hygiene and distancing measures, we will help prevent them from getting infected, but if the school also takes the necessary measures, we will breathe without worrying about the virus.

The educational centers would have to take into account the quality of the indoor air in the building and ensure proper ventilation to avoid contagion. 

It should not be forgotten that indoor air quality is measured based on the pollutants present in the air and the degree of discomfort perceived by users. Poor air quality can produce adverse symptoms in people who inhabit them, such as infections or diseases.


Ceiling fans are an option

Many are the institutes or schools that do not have a cooling system for the hot months and now it is more necessary than ever. The ceiling fans , for example, provide comfort to class and also prevent the spread of the virus to circulate the air. 

For this reason, from ModernFanEu we recommend the installation of ceiling fans, a great solution to avoid heat and provide safety in the classroom. 

modern ceiling fan is not only an investment for summer, now that winter is approaching, fans can be useful to complement them with heating thanks to the reverse ventilation system (the blades move in the opposite direction). The hot air accumulates in the upper part of the classrooms, it moves evenly and in this way the thermal comfort is uniform all over the class.

Measures to reduce the risk of contagion by Coronavirus

We have to return to the routine even though we do not have the vaccine, but in this new normality it is essential to comply with the measures proposed by the scientists:

Hygiene: Hygiene is basic to avoid the virus, frequent hand washing and disposal of hydroalcoholic gel.

Social distancing: Respect the 2 meters of separation between people to avoid contagion.

Provide sufficient and effective ventilation: There are some environments where people accumulates , such as in a school or residence, it is essential the fluctuation of fresh air and constant ventilation.

Avoid crowds: Avoid crowded hours of public transport and shopping centers. 

Let's hope that going back to school will be an easy return to routine and the children will again be happy with their friends in complete safety. 


If you want more information of how to install ceiling fans in schools or institutes, do not hesitate to contact us to offer you all the information you need.

Images provided by Colegio Juan Comenius