Design ceiling fans for hotels

25 de Septiembre del 2020

Now more than ever in a hotel we have to feel at home: happy, safe and with maximum comfort. The hotels are improving their facilities to offer their clients total comfort.

When we think about looking for a hotel for our vacations, one of the first things we look at is what it offers us: good beds, space and air conditioning.

Increasingly, the best hotels in our country have ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, ceiling fans do not dry out the throat, they offer natural cooling and also allow energy savings.

Next, we explain the reasons why it is better to install a ceiling fan in a hotel:


Prevents Coronavirus

Ceiling fans circulate air which prevents stagnant air from accumulating and possible contagion. Just as studies have shown that stagnant air in a room can increase the spread of viruses, excess humidity has also been shown to spread disease. Ceiling fans will keep air clean and reduce humidity.



For customers who can't stand air conditioning to sleep

Every day more hotels opt for the ceiling fan, as it is a healthier option. Air conditioning dries up the environment and our throats suffer, so they are not the best option for sleeping.


Energy saving

One of the highest bills in a hotel is electricity and especially in summer with air conditioning systems, with cailing fans the consumption decreases exponentially.

While an individual air conditioner consumes between 2000 and 5000w, depending on the speed and the temperature level required, the ceiling fan can consume between 4 and 60w.


A complement to air conditioning

If the hotel already has air conditioning and many guests complain about the temperature, installing cailing fans may be the best option. The ceiling fan will help to distribute the air in the room in a general way and it will not be as cold and direct as the air that the air conditioning expels. Ceiling fans create a more pleasant thermal sensation while allowing the air conditioning to stop earlier by achieving the desired temperature more quickly throughout the room, with the consequent energy savings.



Goodbye mosquitoes

It is proven that having a ceiling fan located above the bed prevents mosquitoes from approaching. This is because the air from the fan makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly and they decide not to come and bite us at night. Ideal for a hotel located near the beach!


They are useful throughout the year

Designer ceiling fans can be used all year round, not just in summer. They cool you in summer and help circulate the hot air that is heated in winter and that accumulates on the ceilings of the rooms, achieving an ideal temperature more quickly.

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