Prepare your home for good weather

26 de Abril del 2021


You can already feel the heat of spring, it is time to prepare your home for this new stage. It is not only to do something different and have fun, renewing the atmosphere of a house causes you to fall in love with your home again, taking care of it as it deserves.

There are many ideas to give a more spring and cozy touch to your home. In Modern Fan we want to tell you some, but the rest you will have to discover!



Pamper your terrace or garden



Preparing the terrace or garden area, that is, the exterior of the home, is essential. If you have a good terrace, take advantage of it! Put some chairs and a wooden table, decorate it with cushions and some plants. It will be your favorite place to read or have coffee in the morning


Add indoor plants



Forget about artificial plants, now the ideal is to be more ecological, using natural ones that give us a more serene environment. Plus there are plenty of hardy indoor plants to include at home and give everything a color touch.


Dare with printed fabrics



Another thing that you can change at home without spending a lot is textile. No more dark colors we use in winter, it's time to bring joy to our home! Put light-colored rugs or curtains to give the room space and life.


Move the curtains and let the sun in



In spring the colors change, the light and the environment in general change and we have to adapt the house to these changes in order to fully enjoy them from within the home.

We can change the thicker curtains for white curtains or withdraw them to the sides  so that the light enters more easily.


Feel the comfort in your home



Interior designs in 2021 are all about ecological environment, which is highlighted by the use of sustainable and natural materials, and especially wood.

Modern Fan ceiling fans are designed with the best quality and technology to meet your needs. You will be able to enjoy your home with the best feeling of freshness, reducing energy consumption as much as possible.


Introducing you the Ball option




The Ball design ceiling fan offers two finishes, gloss white and brushed aluminum. The gloss white finish will be perfect with the Nordic living room you have in mind.

This modern ceiling fan allows you to choose between different types of controls and the possibility of adapting an LED light kit, for those fantastic reading afternoons.


- Suitable for indoor / outdoor use.

- Includes 16 cm and 40 cm down rods.


Discover the Ball fan


We hope we have helped you with these tips and that the house of your dreams be much closer, in Modern Fan we have multiple models of design fans and very different finishes that, whatever your house can be, your Modern Fan combines with its aesthetics. Check our catalog here