Give a special touch to your decoration with a modern ceiling fan

02 de Marzo del 2021

When we have to design or decorate a space and include an element such as a ceiling fan, we have several factors to take into account, one of them is the predominant color that we are going to use.
Color plays a very important role in the decoration of your home, since color will communicate a feeling in the room and we have to be attentive to what we want to convey in the environment.

Interior design trends 2021

As in 2020, the interior design trends in 2021 are full of stunning ideas that can fit any home. The best way to define fashion trends is the fact that they will have to do with the personality of the owner. Depending on your mood and predilection, you can find your own design solutions combined with your new ceiling fan.

Blue see color

Blue see color continues to be part of interior design trends. A dark blue color will be the trend for 2021. The “new black” is suitable for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.
To highlight a color and not give a monochromatic effect, you can incorporate a design fan with an aluminum finish to give a different touch.


How about a modern living room in blue see color with your new Altus fan?



Design ceiling fan that offers to configure it to suit your needs, choosing the finish of the fan body, diameter or finishes of the blades. All this to enjoy the best feeling of
comfort in your home.

Its wonderful contemporary style will give a unique touch to the decoration of your home or office, in addition, its geometric shapes will adapt to any type of style.

Discover the Altus fan

Furniture with light wood finishes

Scandinavian-inspired, light woods will be a trend material for interiors. This material will be used not only for floors but also to cover walls and ceilings.
Interior designs in 2021 are all about ecological environment, which is predominantly highlighted by the use of sustainable and natural materials, and especially wood.

Modern Fan ceiling fans are designed with the best quality and technology to meet your needs. You will be able to enjoy your home with the best feeling of freshness, reducing energy consumption as much as possible.


Introducing the Ball option

The Ball design ceiling fan comes in two finishes, gloss white and brushed aluminum. The gloss white finish will be perfect with the Nordic living room you have in mind.

This modern ceiling fan allows you to choose between different kind of controls and the possibility to adapt an Led light kit, for those fantastic reading afternoons.

- Recommended for indoor / outdoor use.
- 16 cm and 40 cm down rods included.

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Gray and white finishes

Neutral color schemes will never go out of style. The most important aspect of this kind of space is to introduce several subtle details that will give a little more character to the interior. Great option to create more intimate and welcoming environments.

The main color focus for the upcoming season is gray, combined with other neutrals colors, such as white, beige, soft brown or similar light colors.

A different ceiling fan like the Velo model can give a modern touch to your room. The Velo fan offers a configuration adapted to your needs. With the 127 cm diameter of its blades, you can feel the freshness throughout the room.

Velo stands out for its wonderful aesthetics and fantastic finishes. This model allows you to choose between different kind of controls and the possibility to adapt a Led light kit.

- Recommended for indoor / outdoor use.
- 13 cm y 33 cm down rods included.

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Industrial Elegance

Generally speaking, industrial elegance can be incorporated into the interior with design elements such as painted brick walls, concrete or wooden floors, impressive metal stools, crystal chandeliers and many other unique design pieces.

For a living room with industrial elegance, we propose two new options: the Industry fan and the Torsion fan, two very different models that will give the industrial style that is so fashionable..

Industry ceiling fan

The modern Industry ceiling fan is unique, its aesthetics make it unmistakable. Industry offers a configuration adapted to your needs. You can choose the  diameter or the blades finishes.

- Recommended for indoor / outdoor use.
- 8 cm y 23 cm down rods included.

Torsion ceiling fan

The unique style of Torsion highlights the decoration of all rooms while providing a fantastic well-being.

- Recommended for indoor / outdoor use.

- 13 cm and 43 cm down rods included.


Modern Fan always uses a range of neutral finishes with the interest that our fans can be installed in any decoration, integrating perfectly into the environment.

We have different models of ceiling fan that will adapt properly to any space or decoration. Check our catalog here.